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1. What is AssignmentsKey?
AssignmentsKey is the one solution you have been looking for. Our highly qualified team of online specialists working in different fields is there to help you out when you need us the most.
2. What makes AssignmentsKey a better opportunity than some other online assignment writing solutions? 
The whole endeavor of AssignmentsKey is driven by specialists and as such it offers considerably lower prices compared to its peers. You will find the ratio between quality and price more than satisfactory. Our professional audit team will be there to check the work if the experts have made mistakes. This team makes sure that Correctness, Uniqueness, Formatting, Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes are all put under control.
3. How to submit the assignment at AssignmentsKey.com? 
If you wish you submit your assignment, you can either send it via mail to support@AssignmentsKey.com, or you can just upload it using the right-hand screen form “Submit Assignment Below” on the website. After your assignment has been submitted you can expect our team to contact you within 30 minutes.
4. What are all the subjects I can get help with?
We can offer assistance in the areas of Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management [HR, Marketing and Operations], Law, Taxation, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Maths, Statistics, English, Actuarial Science, Dissertation/Thesis Writing, Business Plan and others.
5. Who are your experts?
All our members are carriers of various degrees. 50% of the team has spent the past 30 years teaching in various educational institutions in fields like Maths, Science, Economics, Accountancy, and others. Another 25% of them are experts in their given industry. At AssignmentsKey we have a specialized three way interview system, which helps us draft only the best of the best when it comes to our employees. Initially we go through their resumes individually, then we proceed to interview them one by one and in the end we ask for a sample work, which shows us the true quality of their expertise. After an extremely thorough check the given person is finally deemed an AssignmentsKey expert. You can place your trust in us because only the best of the best work in our company and provide high quality works.
6. How much does using AssignmentsKey cost?
The services, which we offer are all students oriented. We offer only the most affordable prices and we do that after we have examined the work that needs to be done. The cost is based on how hard the assignment is, and how much is left until the deadline.
7. Is paying you safe? How can I pay? 
We are certified with PayPal so you can safely make your payments through there. There is also the possibility of credit/debit card transfers and sign on with us. It can be said that it is more than safe to make transactions with us and expect ultimate results.
8. How long will I have to wait for you to answer?
Since we offer help to students 24/7 it can easily be said that you will be put in contact with our team within 30 minutes from submitting your query.
9. How long will it take you to finish the job?
It is all based on what you need done and how complex it actually is. Naturally it depends on you as well. The sooner you pay for the work the sooner you will receive it completed.
10. Can I expect confidentiality?
You can expect full confidentiality for your homework. We avoid soliciting any information about who employs us. While experts evaluate the work even your name will not be mentioned on the paper.
11. What proof can I expect for transferring payment?
After you have submitted payment, you will be sent a notification e-mail that work is well underway.
12. How can I communicate with the team from AssignmentsKey?
You can communicate with us through Phone, Skype and E-mail.
13. Who can I call if the work is behind deadline?
This will not happen, as you will always receive your work well before the deadline. You can also keep track of how the assignment is progressing with your unique “Order Code” & “E-mail id” using right-hand screen form “Search Order Status” on the website. Even if there is a slight delay, you will receive an e-mail from us directly asking you to provide us with an extension of a few hours. If you are not satisfied with the timing of the work you can always leave us an e-mail at support@AssignmentsKey.com and may be even get a refund.
14. Do you send the same assignment to more than one student?
We never send any content that is not completely unique. Even if we receive two assignments with the same topic, two distinct online specialists will be put to the tasks at hand.
15. What happens if you do not satisfy my needs?
We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the assignment we are sending, and if there are any problems we can fix them or even redo the assignment without any additional fees. In the off chance that you are still not satisfied we can even offer a full refund.
16. Can I make changes to the assignment in the last moment possible?
Yes, you are completely eligible to make any changes which you need to matter how far the assignment has progressed. All last moment changes will be addressed adequately. These changes will be applied to your assignment in exactly the fashion you need.