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All receipts for payment are personal to the user paying for it, and the rights to using services and documents issued by AssignmentsKey cannot be transferred to other parties without our written consent.You must be 13 years of age in order to become a subscriber of under the age of 13 can make use of our services with the explicit consent of their parent or guardian.There is a limited freedom, which we allow for personal non-commercial use of our services, meaning that you can modify, copy, download, distribute, display, perform, transmit, publish, reproduce, duplicate or offer for sale any information obtained from AssignmentsKeywith written consent received prior to that. If you violate the Terms and Conditions stated within the website you will lose the license, which we grant you upon starting work.By signing in for using the services of, you agree that you will not under any circumstances provide the work issued by our experts as an original assignment by yourself in front of Educational Institutes, Schools or any other bodies.The subjects that we offer include Accounting Assignment Help, Mathematics Assignment Help, Management Assignment Help, Science and Engineering Assignment Help, Dissertation Assignment Help and many more.


We carry no liability whatsoever if the functions of the site are delayed or interrupted, but we offer constant support in all the possible circumstances.We don’t accept responsibility for damage or loss of documents on your own computer or server, while we ourselves use only the most trusted software applications and related packages.We do not offer guarantees that the website can be accessed all the time without flaw, however our dedicated experts ensure smooth operation at their best. The right for suspending access to the website during maintenance and updates is reserved.We do not take responsibility for losing access to the website due to conditions beyond our control.Assignment help is a subjective matter and as such we do not offer guarantees against failure in any courses.Our qualified experts will always be there to help out and will give their best to solve assignments.In case that the assignment is not sufficient to pass the grade, we offer full rework of assignments free of charge, but no refunds whatsoever as each assignment solution is considered a product and once delivered to user amounts for the product sold.The papers issued by are for reference and research purpose only. They are strictly not be used or submitted as one’s own work. We are therefore not liable for anyloss or damage cause to the user if the solution or paper issued by us is submitted as it is.


If any of these Terms becomes unenforceable as a whole or in part, validity of other terms of the contact will remain unaffected.


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Entire Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service made in the latest agreements between user and AssignmentsKey will supersede and terminate all the prior agreements.

No Guarantee

Company will use its best efforts to maintain the accuracy, quality, completeness and/or validity of Services it provides through the Web-site; however User recognizes that Company cannot guarantee a particular result or the outcome of any matter.

Refund and Revision Policy

All payments are considered final and will not be refunded.If your account or credit/debit card is charged erroneously, we will issue a refund for the sum that is above the agreed price. Refunds will not be issued if your grade is insufficient or you have submitted our work instead of your own. However, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and will entertain your assignment for free revision so that correct solution is provided to you. We do not encourage use of our work in front of Educational Institutes, Schools or any other bodies in any form.